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The childbearing year is a journey of wonder and I hope you enjoy every step as you discover the mother inside yourself.

It is my belief that God has designed a womans body to perfectly carry, nourish and deliver a growing baby without intervention the vast majority of the time. Pregnancy and birth are a time of empowerment for women, creating a strong bond between mother and baby that will endure the tests of time (toddlerhood and teens, too!). The protective instinct of a mother is strengthened as she makes wise, informed choices regarding her care from the very beginning, understanding that birth is a journey and she determines the path she travels.

The Midwifery Model of Care

"The midwifery model aims to empower women by helping them master the challenges of pregnancy and birth. Midwives traditionally view pregnancy and birth as healthy, normal events, albeit ones demanding supervision and care. In the midwifery model, the childbearing woman has the central role. The midwife watches over her, serves her, supports her, provides information, and facilitates the natural process. Decision making is collaborative, and treatment, in most cases, begins with what the woman can do for herself."

                                                                                                                          --Henci Goer
Obstetric Myths versus Research Realities